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Two steps for Farivars & Nazanin
It is not every day that the cause of a fellow Iranian (or fellow Iranians) is championed by those close to or holding the reins of power
May 10, 2006

When a cartoon is an opinion
Lampooning of Mohammad is an attack -- at worst -- on sensibilities and faith, not color or race
February 15, 2006

Axis of democracy
The West should back Iranian Democrats and bring serious pressure to bear upon the Islamic Republic
January 30, 2006

Don't get us mixed up
Ahmadinejad is not, REPEAT not, the epitome of Iranian people's aspiration and their logic
December 16, 2005

Divine mass psychology
Ali Shariati haunts the reform movement even today
December 11, 200

Nothing short of idolatry
Jalal Al-e-Ahmad was a neo-Islamist who cross-fertilized Third-Worldist rants on Nativism and Imperialism with Heidegger's rage against Machinism
November 29, 2005

The Republic vs religion
If France is facing tremors in its urban structure it is precisely because its inherent secular Republican values were not adhered to
November 9, 2005

(Hard) reality check
Iranian people will regrettably be FORCED to see the importance of regime change exactly as they were FORCED into realising that Economic Globalisation
November 5, 2005

Badly briefed
The trouble is that political Islam seeks to impose personal restraint as part of a social contract that turns the action of restraint into a means of political coercion with disastrous results for the citizenry
October 17, 2005


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