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Una noche de desierto
I will bury my face into your hair and smell it as if I am strolling in a rose garden
August 10, 2007

Do not ask
The best I can do is to consolidate the countless lips, hips, eyes, noses, ears and nipples that I have kissed and call it my ideal
July 12, 2007

Do not tempt me
I have no one else to trust except my pain
May 30, 2007

A communiqué
You will be MY prey the moment you begin to feel your confidence drain
March 21, 2007

A moment of letting go
My body is lagging behind my passion
March 2, 2007

Solamente para ti ...
What are these feelings creeping inside me?
February 8, 2007

The daily lives of ‘predators’
There are no rules ... just instinct, intuition, and raw power and desire for survival – in all spheres ... and even blood
February 3, 2007

Let me...
... bring a piece of heaven and paradise into this dark and gloomy world
January 23, 2007

Touched by an angel
It was just like a new rider on a stallion insisting to obey his former jockey
January 15, 2007

God is my contractor and the angels are the ones who deliver the assignments to me
January 6, 2007

If I had a heart
If I had a hometown, a country, I would long for it when being far from it
January 2, 2007

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