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Willful distortion
With respect to specific criticisms
February 17, 2007

Iran’s great poet of exile
Forugh Farrokhzad, forty years later
February 14, 2007

Where are you from?
Immigrants are supposed to come here for vacation, work, political refuge, but we’re not supposed to declare “home” as our destination
July 21, 2006

Here we are
Capturing a new literature by Iranian women of the diaspora
June 2, 2006

The last seduction
Her voice mixed with the scent of the sea and the memory of that afternoon, and I was sure I’d never heard such lovely music
May 1, 2006

Axis of evil comedy show
Maz Jobrani, Aron Kader, and Ahmed Ahmed
February 1, 2006

Our cousins, our selves
While I collected imaginary cousins in America, in Iran they had the real thing, a whole country’s worth
January 3, 2006

If you took a pair of tweezers to your brows, your mother might not hesitate to tell you looked like a whore
August 8, 2005

Not so good
According to the many rules of our courtship, Houman was allowed to take me out only one night of the week
July 25, 2005

Halloween candy
Finding its way into the corners and secret compartments of my grandmother’s suitcase
July 13, 2005

She let loose
Within a week of their meeting, she had forced him to surrender the ring he had bought for his German fiancee
June 28, 2005

Beyond your wildest dreams
Muslim women have always had sex lives, but they have not always spoken openly of them
June 24, 2005

Fashion echoes
In the sixties, my mother was channeling Googoosh, who was channeling Maria Callas, who was channeling Audrey Hepburn. I long for those kind of echoes
June 20, 2005

Between Persian and plain pasta
I inherited my grandmother’s earnestness about Persian cooking but none of her confidence
April 9, 2005

Free bird
Tahmineh Milani's "Two Women"
August 8, 2000

Shining rotten Apple
A horrific film that must be seen
March 3, 1999

Open Air
Fiction: "You must not shame me, Leily. You are not like the American girls."
September 8, 1998

Forked tongues
On Learning A New Persian Language
August 18, 1998

This is getting complicated
The distances I travel: Reflections on being half-Iranian
August 4, 1998

My grandmother's gift for storytelling
July 23, 1998

Selected letters:
* The Iranian Howard Stern (July 1998)
* Crude, sweeping generalities about women (July 1998)


Jasmin Darznik received her PhD in English literature from Princeton University. Her memoir will be published in 2008 by Grand Central/Hachette in the U.S. and Random House in the U.K. Top

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