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Rosa Faiz is an independent writer, researcher and analyst.

Rude news
Many consider the MKO a nuisance at best and traitors at worst
July 11, 2005

Shah & Shaykh
The coming Iranian class wars: Those of us the people of Iran who will yield neither to the Shah nor to the Shaykh, will have to make an unambiguous stance
June 14, 2005

Illegitimate contender
Mojahedin are finding it increasingly necessary to buddy up with neo-conservatives in Washington DC, further proof of their ideological bankruptcy
June 7, 2005

The other religious nuts
Are we to exchange one theocracy for another?
May 27, 2005

Down with Democrats
What is truly wrong with the American Democratic Party
April 10, 2005

Next stop on drive-by Armageddon
How many millions of Iranians is Uncle Sam willing to dispose?
January 28, 2005

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