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Image: Late sixth century Sassanid silver vase



They are not alone: Part (1) (2)
In refutation of remarks about Jews in our midst
 January 10-16, 2006

You're welcome
People in the West deserve to know more about civilizations whose effects on their own were more than incidental
Open Letter to Guardian Unlimited in response to The Evil Empire by Jonathan Jones.
September 23, 2005

The other terror (Part two)
The art scene
Februry 5, 2005

The other terror (Part One)
How real is the threat to Persian culture if those who are fanning separatism succeed?
Februry 5, 2005

After 25 years
Part (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
July-August 2004

Swan song
The many reformations of Iranian Islam
May 13, 2004

Reasserting the truth
Iranology is alive
November 3, 2003

Under the arch
Good reasons for feelings of closeness between Iranians and Iraqis
April 29, 2003

Did anyone care?
Looting of Baghdad Museum: America's clash WITH civilizations
April 19, 2003

Truth shall triumph
Notice of Resignation from Three Kings of Orient
December 18, 2002

Claims and facts
On Azaris and Azarbaijan
October 2, 2002

Defending our turf
In the present mood we have no alternative
June 2002



Fatema Soudavar Farmanfarmaian was born in Tehran in 1940 and studied in Iran and Switzerland. In Iran she was on the committe of a number of organizations, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Women's University. She also did volunteer work for the Deparment of the Environment, where she planned education for schools and TV on environmental subjects. Since the Revolution she has been focusing on research and writing. Her latest appeared in The Journal of the Society for Iranian Studies (Summer/Fall 2000) called "Haft Qalam Arayish: Cosmetics int he Iranian World". Top

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