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Letter home
Award-winning letter to home
March 24, 2005

Rooz-e Shokrgozari
November 24, 2004

Are we ever ready?
Having children
August 13, 2004

Dreaming on a bike
Poupeh cycles around the world for peace
November 18, 2003

Independent, practical
Badi Badiozamani's plans for California
September 26, 2003

Demonstration, Los Angeles style
"What do we want? Freedom! When do we want it? After I fix my hair!"
July 11, 2003

A play
July 1, 2003

April 23, 2003

Your name
April 23, 2003

February 6, 2003

A long, minor affair
A day at the INS office in Los Angeles
January 17, 2003

15 friends
Trip to the most famous crack on earth: Grand Canyon
December 18, 2002

The land of no land
They do not want you, Persian kitten!
October 14, 2002

September 30, 2002

Out of love
Community art
July 23, 2002

A winter's night
I wish God would treat us differently
May 20, 2002

Baraaye nakhosteen najvaagar-e eshq
May 2002

How could they?
On efforts to ban Iranians from traveling to the U.S.
May April 2002

Ham-khaake man
Norooz away from home
May April 2002

Va aanjaa keh rang ham rang meebaazad
(It's about Kandahar)
January 2002

Shekaaftan-e sokoot
On Milani's "Hidden Half"
November 2002


Born in Tehran, 1973, a child with curly hair, dreamy eyes and a head full of strange ideas, Kathy -- Katayoon -- lived a life of love, litterature and travel in Iran till December 1999. It was then when a bona-fide miracle took place and she found her one and only traveler - Farbod - in the journey of life.

She likes studying for the fun of it, believing that it helps you make this world a better place to live. She earned a B.S. in Statistics from Melli University and a Masters in Socio-economic Systems Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic. To win the heart of more and more people in this global village by speaking their way, she learned French, German, Italian and some Spanish besides English and Persian.

She came to USA on 26th December 1999 on a single entry F-1 student visa, got another Masters in Industrial and Systems Engineering/Information and Operations Management from U.S.C.Currently she lives in Los Angeles, California, busy counting the stars of her imaginary world, trying not to grow up, and still hoping to meet "Le Petit Prince" under the moon light. Top

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