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Sweet & sour
Photo essay: Snapshots from Iran
June 7, 2007

Her & him
Photo essay: People in Iran
August 17, 2006

Ashoura in Karbala
Photo essay
March 8, 2004

Search mission
Photo essay: Searching for victims of Kerman plane crash
February 28, 2003

All for a ball
Photo essay: Iranian soccer league
January 27, 2003

1, 2, 3, 4
Photo essay: Streets of Tehran
August 2002

Booze bust
Photo essay: Alcohol raid
Januaey 2002

Life in death
Photo essay: Afghanistan
November 2001

Photo essay: Afghanistan
September 10, 2001

Photo essay
June 19, 2001

Lingering pain
Victims of war laid to rest, but not the memories
August 15, 2000

Darband too
Life in Tehran's fast lane
August 10, 2000

No fly zone
Molavi bird market in Tehran
July 24, 2000

Marking first anniversary of student uprising
July 18, 2000

Not welcome
Afghan refugees being sent back to Afghanistan
June 2, 2000


Ali Khaligh has been a staff photographer for United Press International (UPI) since 2000. He started photography with documentary picutres. He sutdied photojournalism under award-winning veteran photographer Kaveh Golestan. He has a BA in photography from Tehran Azad University . He has worked with the Iranian press. Top

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