Experimental chat module for Iranian.com registered users.

Chat on politics, every Thursday 6:00-8:00 p.m. PST.

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Chat Basics

by admin on

You have to be logged in with your Iranian.com user to see the chat box. When you navigate to this age, you will be automatically connected to the chat rooms.

Once inside you can chat with whoever else is there in the main room.

Some special commands can be given (no quotes when you actually type them in)

* type /join #ROOMNAME to join a new room which shows up as a new tab in the window. There you can have a private chat with other people who are also in the room.

* once in a new room, type /invite user to invite someone else to that room. If the user's name has more than one word, use double quotes like:

/invite "Nazy Kaviani"

* /connect to initially come in (just like pressing the globe button) and /quit to leave.

* /privmsg NAME MESSAGE to send MESSAGE to username NAME privately. So that only the target user sees the message. If a name has more than one word use double quotes. Example:

/privmsg admin hey how are you?

* /me ACTION to display a third person action phrase. The "me" turns into your own user name. For example

/me looks around

turns into:

* admin looks around

This chatroom is still in experimental stages. If you have any questions or find any bugs, please contact me.