Iran could have nuclear weapon by 2012 - Britain
31-Jan-2011 (one comment)

Meir Dagan, outgoing director of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, said this month that Israel believed Iran would not be able to produce a nuclear bomb before 2015.

But Fox, answering questions in parliament, said Dagan was "wrong to insinuate that we should always look at the more optimistic end of the spectrum" of estimates of Iran's nuclear capability.

"We know from previous experience, not least what happened in North Korea, that the international community can be caught out assuming that things are more rosy than they actually are," he said.

"We should therefore be very clear that it is entirely possible that Iran may be on the 2012 end of that spectrum and act in accordance with that warning," he said.

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In the film "2012"

by ImtheKing on

The world was wiped out by a Tsunami not a nuclear bomb!! Have to work on the scenario. I prefer the film, if you still stick on your version, I recommand you to buy a house in south-africa, it`s the only place which will remain safe.