Egyptian-Americans hold rallies
Al Jazeera / Karim Haddad

"Down, down with Hosni Mubarak! Saudi Arabia is waiting for you!"

The rhyme and rhythm is lost in translation, but the protesters' chants are often catchy and straight to the point. Many are identical to those being used on the streets of Egypt. Most of them are in Arabic, but some are in English.

Across the US, people have been showing their solidarity with those who have taken to the streets in Egypt to demand the ouster of their long-time president.

Americans of mostly Egyptian and Arab descent have been organising rallies and marches of their own. Some of the largest have been in Chicago and Los Angeles.

In Washington, the protests began on Friday when close to one hundred people gathered under the snow at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The following day nearly a thousand people rallied in front of the Egyptian embassy, before marching seven miles in the cold to return to the White House.

They were out again on Sunday and Monday (albeit in smaller numbers), and they plan to keep making their voices heard as long as the protests continue in Egypt.

So far, the slogans in Washington have been aimed mostly at Mubarak and his associates.

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