Netherlands Recalling Its Iran Ambassador Over Bahrami Killing
Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty
07-Feb-2011 (2 comments)

The Dutch foreign ministry said the ambassador would return to The Hague on February 10. Iran's ambassador would also be summoned shortly to the Dutch foreign ministry.

The Netherlands froze diplomatic contacts with Iran after Zahra Bahrami, a 45-year-old woman with dual Dutch-Iranian citizenship, was reportedly hanged last month for alleged drug smuggling.

She was buried some 400 kilometers away from Tehran and her family could not attend the funeral.

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When you put people to death especially Foreigners

by Escape on

You better have a good reason.Drug Smuggling IS NOT one of them.

When you kill citizens of other countries,for dumb reasons as this you make those countries enemies.

This ignorant country of Iran hides behind 'their laws' without consideration to how they effect other's.That's why they want to be 'independent' so they can continue to treat everyone else in their selfish manner.

Iran cannot live side by side with the rest of the world.They are on the road to elimination,they need to realise their path and miserable,ignorant existance and place in the world.

Hatred for Iran is because Iran deserves to be hatred for acts like this.


The Dutch

by fussygorilla on

can go to hell.  Your headline is distortion, lie, and propaganda. Read this miserable, drug smuggling woman's life story where she had been arrested in Holland and England for drug smuggling and selling and sentenced to prison too. Her son is also a drug addict in Holland, presently serving time in prison for stealing and selling drugs.  She obviously had had a pitiful life. read the details in a Dutch publication in: to learn the facts before your customary propaganda just to show your hatred of Iran.