Regime attempts to exploit protester it killed
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15-Feb-2011 (2 comments)

A day after a university student was shot to death during anti-regime protests in Tehran, a battle is waging for his soul.

Saneh Jaleh, 26, was killed on Jamalzadeh Street, north of Azadi Street which was the main fulcrum of demonstrations on February 14.

News outlets close to the government now claim that he was a supporter of the regime and that he was shot by 'agents provocateurs' controlled by various opposition groups. The regime announced it would organize a funeral procession for Jaleh, from the Arts University of Tehran, where he studied theater, to Tehran University at 9:30 AM, Wednesday morning.

'He was definitely not a Basij member,' said Hatef Soltani, one of Jaleh's friends and former fellow students who accepted to speak on the record by telephone, referring to the pro-regime militia which has employed violence to subdue previous rallies. 'He participated in past demonstrations, particularly on Ashura,' added Soltani. 'He managed to escape harm that day, but this time...'

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Another pathetic lie

by azadi5 on

This just goes to show how desperate this regime is getting that they have to resort to this kind of propaganda in order to win some support from within themselves.

Little do they know that even though they made this kind of show, and they arrested people who knew the truth about who Sane was, general public is smarter than this. Only their own followers with sheep brains believe this kind of lie.



by yolanda on

Thank you for debunking IRI's lies........this morning I read 2 news articles saying this guy was pro-government! he was a Sunni and Kurdish!