Book review: 'The Shah' by Abbas Milani
LA Times / Stanley Meisler
24-Feb-2011 (3 comments)

A comprehensive new biography of the ousted Iranian leader finds him 'a tragic figure.'

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Not good enough

by incognito on

I have not been able to convince myself to read Milani’s ‘The Shah’, mostly out of fear that this book will be disappointing to someone who lived through and directly experienced the Shah’s reign. While I do respect Milani’s scholarship, I find his reliance on mostly Western sources – with their biased and orientalist perspective - for the material included in his books somewhat discomforting.

The LA Times piece by Meisler is not a book critique, but a summary that sounds more like a publisher’s promotional. As such, it did not help me decide. I would have appreciated if one of IC’s Iranian contributors had taken time to post a meaningful critique.


I read it....

by shushtari on

and it was great.....dr milani is an asset to our country


god bless him



Jeesh Daram

Milani offers nothing new

by Jeesh Daram on

I read it and what a waste of time, as there was not a shread of new information. Once it gets to $1.99 level at Borders bookstore, I'll buy and use it as a door stop.  

Something fishy about Stanford University, I have been seeing a lot of dubious characters being on that institution's payroll lately.