Canaries in the Coalmine: The Persecution of Iranian Bahá’í
Aslan Media / Reza Aslan

As the Iranian regime continues to tighten the noose of oppression around the throats of all its citizens, one group of Iranians is being singled out for particular brutality. Last month, as the Iranian government was cracking down on opposition protesters, seven members of the Iranian Bahá’í leadership, imprisoned in Iran’s notorious Evin prison since 2008, were quietly transferred to an even more restrictive and more brutal part of the prison. The two women in the group, Mrs. Fariba Kamalabadi and Mrs. Mahvash Sabet, were moved to Section 200 of the prison, an almost dungeon-like area reserved for the most dangerous and hardened criminals, while the five men, one of whom is 70 years old, were sent to special wing of Evin, known as Section 4, a crowded and closely monitored wing set aside for political prisoners.The seven Bahá’í leaders are serving a ten-year prison sentence after being convicted of spying for Israel in a sham trial riddled with irregularities. But make no mistake; their true crime is their faith.

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