Hillary Clinton's crucial choice on Iran
26-Mar-2011 (3 comments)

At the same time, within the Iranian Diaspora, some have sought to usurp leadership of Iran's indigenous pro-democracy movement. This has alarmed the leaders of the Green Movement in Iran. Mir Hossein Mousavi warned against "international surfers" seeking to wield their own axe in the furnace of the Green movement in his last communiqué that was issued before he was put under house arrest on Feb. 29.

For all of its mistakes in the Middle East, the Bush administration -- even at the height of its aggressive foreign policy -- understood that delisting the MEK from the State Department's terrorist list would be a dangerous gambit. It would trigger a huge loss of U.S. soft power in Iran, damage Iran's democratic progress and help Iranian hardliners cement a long-term dictatorship. The Iranian people won't forgive or forget such cynical moves. Bitter memories associated with U.S. policies toward the Shah and Mohammad Mossadegh, the prime minister overthrown with covert American assistance in 1953, continue to linger and poison U.S.-Iran relations to this day.

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Lets check on weather.com and see which way the wind is blowing

by Bavafa on

Then you will find about Hillary Clinton's crucial direction.


Hamid Y. Javanbakht

What it will take

by Hamid Y. Javanbakht on

The MEK is well organized and well funded. Have their members resorted to violence in protest before? Yes. Does that make them all terrorists? Not necessarily. They remind me of the followers of Malcolm X. What we really need is a Martin Luther King Jr. One can either hate your enemy, or love them into guilt. Few have the courage for the latter, and the former gives at least a sense of accomplishing something. Nonviolent resistance is the only legitamite resistance, lest we become like that we claim to be against.


Mohsen Kadivar, a leading

by vildemose on

Mohsen Kadivar, a leading figure in the Green Movement, is visiting professor of religion at Duke University. Ahmad Sadri is professor of sociology and James P. Gorter chair of Islamic world studies at Lake Forest College.

Why o why these people are allowed to teach??? These people are Islamists like Shariati, their mentor. If Shariati were alive he would be on a terrorist list.