Catholic Nun Forcibly Removed From Plane for Wearing "Muslim Garb"
HOFFPOST COMEDY / Jalees Rehman, M.D.
13-Apr-2011 (one comment)

April 5, 2011 DAYTON, OH - Sister Cora-Ann, a Catholic nun from the Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Dayton, Ohio got the surprise of her life yesterday, when she was asked to leave the plane she had just boarded at the Omaha International Airport. "I had just sat down in my seat, and started to thank God for our blessings and recite a prayer in Latin", she recalled, when one of the passengers sitting next to me called the flight attendant. The passenger was Elizabeth Bennet, who later stated: "It is not that we were prejudiced, but she did seem very suspicious. She was dressed in Muslim garb and just before we were about to take off, she started mumbling something in an Arabian or Talibani-sounding language. What was I supposed to do?" Damien Thorn was a passenger seated in the adjacent row and said: "I knew there was something sinister about her, the moment she stepped into the plane. She was wearing those burqa clothes that you see the Iranian women wearing, and she only had a very small carry-on bag." The flight attendant responded to the call and asked Sister Cora-Ann for her name, boarding pass and a photo ID.

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Ok ... OK ........ It's a JOKE

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As one commenter stated :

" It is getting harder and harder to tell the satirical hoaxes - like this - from normal 'murkan rightwingnut behavior these days. I hope people are capable of understanding that it was satire. The sad thing, though, is that I could have completely believed it if it were in the news section "