Iran camp victims killed by own guards: Iraq
14-Apr-2011 (one comment)

Deaths resulting from an Iraqi army raid on an Iranian opposition camp on its soil were caused by the camp's own guards firing on residents attempting to escape, an Iraqi spokesman said Thursday.

The comments from Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh came shortly after a United Nations spokesman in New York said 34 people were killed in the April 8 raid on Camp Ashraf, the residence of the People's Mujahedeen of Iran (PMOI), in Diyala province north of Baghdad.

"Our Iraqi security forces believe that this (the deaths) has been done by their (the PMOI) guards killing those who were willing to escape from the camp," Dabbagh said in a text message to AFP, adding that the government was investigating the issue.

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yet another shiite (shit) Arab

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following the lead of his Shiite (shit) Iranian counterpart.