Iranian Nobel Laureate Changes Stances On Nuclear Program & Sanctions
Huffington Post / Andrea Stone
22-Apr-2011 (3 comments)

Ebadi had previously toed the official line on the Iranian nuclear program -- that it is the country's inalienable, sovereign right. "Aside from being economically justified,” she once said, “it has become a cause of national pride for an old nation with a glorious history. No Iranian government, regardless of its ideology or democratic credentials, would dare to stop” it. But now she dismisses that sentiment as agitprop.

“The claim that nuclear energy is the national pride of Iran is not true at all, and I don’t accept it. It’s the propaganda of the Ahmadinejad government,” she said. “The people of Iran have so many problems in their daily life they can’t even pay their gas bill. They don’t have time to think about stuff like that.”......


Shirin Ebadi, a prominent Iranian lawyer now exiled in Atlanta, had been an outspoken critic of the international sanctions. She said they had hurt the Iranian people and were a poor substitute for pressure on the regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to restore democracy and freedom. But at an event Thursday at the Carnegie Endowme... >>>

David ET

As usual late, but better than never

by David ET on

As usual Ms. Ebadi (like most of the reformists) is few years behind is taking correct position regarding major issues facing Iranain nation. Inaccurate positions that have had major negative conseqences for Iranians and the world, from promoting a moderate Islamic Republic to supporting nuclear program to opposing sanctions against the regime, to...

Dr. Ebadi keep changing positions after her original positions cause enough harms in forming public opinion, but at least she eventually corrects her positions. I suppose better late than never.



David ET

Well the `Moghaled´´ mentality remains strong among many

by David ET on


Artificial Intelligence

I wonder if her friend Mammad Has changed his position?

by Artificial Intelligence on

I would be surprised if he showed as much honesty as her!