The Education of an Iranian Revolutionary
WSJ / David Feith

Another advantage for Iran's opposition, says Ms. Ebadi, is that the government's nuclear program is increasingly unpopular. "Ahmadinejad talks about nuclear energy as national pride . . . but that's not true. People don't care."

This is a reversal for Ms. Ebadi. In a 2006 Los Angeles Times op-ed, she wrote that "Although a vast majority of Iranians despise the country's hard-liners and wish for their downfall, they also support its nuclear program because it has become a source of pride for an old nation with a glorious history." \

She also supports U.S. and international sanctions against Iran's energy industries, though in 2006 she wrote that "imposing U.N. sanctions on Iran would also be counterproductive, prompting Tehran to leave the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty."

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