A Muslim Playboy Cover Girl
The Daily Beast / Asra Q. Noman
05-May-2011 (3 comments)

German-Muslim actress Sila Sahin, 25, is causing quite a stir as the first Turkish woman to undress for Playboy, posing in the May issue of the magazine's German edition. "For me, these pictures are an act of liberation from the cultural constraints of my childhood," the star of the German soap opera Good Times, Bad Times told Playboy. "I have tried to please everybody for too long. With these images I want to show young Turkish women that it is OK to live the way they are, that it is not cheap to show skin, that you should pursue your goals instead of bowing down to others."

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Porn vs. Nudity

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(a) I saw her photo (carefully:) and it's NOT a porn.  It's a type of nudity, but not quite nudity.

(b) Nudity is not used to exploit women.  It's a proud character for feminity.

(c) Male's full nudity from front makes the male a clown subject, but this is not the case for females.

Again, nudity is not porn.  It's a symbol of pride and being yourself.

On the other hand, if she wants to do that, then, who are we to decide for her?  Are we responsible to lead her based on our criteria?

In my opinion, Negab must be allowed as well.  



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I’m not pro-porn but the

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I’m not pro-porn but the Neqab and porn are two sides of the same coin, and, as porn is used to exploit women, the  “Neqab” is used to silence women ..........