Don swears on oath that Rafsanjani hired assistance
CHERWELL / Camilla Turner
13-May-2011 (one comment)

A senior Oxford don has sworn an affidavit that Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani, son of the former President of Iran, hired assistance for his application to study at Oxford. 

Professor Sheikholeslami, Fellow of Wadham, swore on oath that the current Professor of Persian Studies had asked a graduate student to assist Rafsanjani’s application to Oxford, in exchange for a sum of money. 

Sheikholeslami swore on oath that during this visit, Ardalan said he was asked by Herzig to assist Rafsanjani, and that he had met Rafsanjani at the Randolph Hotel to discuss the work he would do and the money he would be paid. The work involved downloading the relevant application form and helping to fill in the form, as well as “prepar[ing] the [thesis] proposal” for Rafsanjani.


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I knew it!!

by ariane on

I knew he wasn't Oxford material! There is always something fishy when these people succeed somewhere! Corrpution is in their blood!