Blogger Refuses to Defend Himself in Court in Protest of Unjust Proceedings

At his court session held at the Revolutionary Court on Saturday, 14 May, blogger Payman Roshan Zamir did not present a defense for himself in protest to the unjust proceedings of the judicial review.

“According to requirements expressed in the law for a political suspect’s trial court, there should have been an open court, a jury, and a Representative from the Prosecutor; none of these were present. What is happening inside the Judiciary is that all laws are interpreted against the legislator’s intentions and against the suspect.

I was entitled to an open court, whereas even my father was not allowed to attend, and when the lawyer brought him into the court after a lot of hardship, the Judge did not let him be present,” Roshan Zamir told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about his court proceedings.

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