Iranian Children's TV Show Depicts U.S. Using Bin Laden to Carry Out 9/11
24-May-2011 (one comment)

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Presenter (Saeed): "Children, these days you've been hearing, time and again, about the killing of Osama bin Laden, the leader of the Al-Qaeda group. How was Osama bin Laden created? From where did Al-Qaeda emerge?

"To explain it to you, let me say that Mr. bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 1957. About 30 years ago, the USSR invaded Afghanistan and waged a war against it. As you know, the USSR was an adversary of America. America wanted to fight them, but not directly. Therefore, they brought Mr. bin Laden from Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan, and helped him to establish a group called Al-Qaeda. He received financial aid and military equipment and training from the U.S. All the documents are available."

Child portraying the Americans: "Okay, Mr. bin Laden? No problem?"

Bin Laden: "It's okay, but I have very little money."

Child portraying the Americans: "Don't worry. Money is no object."

Bin Laden: "Well done. In your honor, I will shoot a partridge now."

Bin Laden shoots down two birds.

Child portraying the Americans: "All these birds?!"

Bin Laden: "They are very tasty."

Presenter (Saeed): "Did you see? That's how it was. After the war between the USSR and Afghanistan ended,... >>>

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Iran 2050

IRI is pure evil

by Iran 2050 on

The level of Fascism the Iranian regime displays and the extent they go to step on decency and to promote evil in Iran and the world, is honestly something unique in history.

Before IRI come to power, one could not imagine how human beings can be so evil, just pure evil. Everything this regime does is pure simple evil.

May god help us all.