Funny Ayatollah

Funny Ayatollah

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Ahmadinejad is having another trip to Orumieh. His
host is Ayatollah Hasani, the man
standing at his left. Hasani is the city’s Friday Prayer’s leader. He is
known as the funniest Mullah in Iran. Basically, he is ready to make
comments about everything. Many of his jokes are only understandable in
the context of the Iranian political atmosphere. So, I quote a comment
from another, not as much funny as him, Mullah. When talking in the
parliament about Iran’s membership in an organization working on Ozone
Layer depletion, which is translated in Persian as Ozone Layer hole, the
mullah said “this is none of our business. Whoever has made the hole
must grab some cement and fix it up”. This was broadcast from the
parliament’s live radio channel. Hasani is selected by the supreme
leader as his representative in the province. Any comments?

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