Iran secretly testing missiles that could carry nuclear weapon - Hague
29-Jun-2011 (3 comments)

Iran has been carrying out covert tests of missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said Wednesday, in contravention of a U.N. resolution.

It has also said it wants to enrich uranium to "levels far greater than is needed for peaceful nuclear energy," Hague said.

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Okh Joon Nukeeeler Weapons :)

by HHH on

Iran builds one and forever no one will dare attacking Iran.


You're half right IMF

by John on

Yes The Bomb may offer Iran an illusion of security, but The Bomb will also guarantee that Iran will itself be bombed, and that many of its innocent citizens will be killed, and that much of Iran's infrastructure will be destroyed.

Be careful what you wish for bozo.


Great news if true!

by on

Good for Iran and its tools for Iran's security! We don't want to end up like Iraq or Afghanistan!