New UN Special Rapporteur on Iran calls on the Government for full co-operation with his mandate
UN Human Rights / Ahmed Shaheed
03-Aug-2011 (one comment)

“It is my hope that the Iranian authorities will view my mandate as a secure and legitimate space in which to take steps to comply with its international human rights obligations, as well as an opportunity to address the areas of concern communicated to Iran during its interactions with the international community on human rights issues,” Mr. Shaheed said on the first day of his mandate.

I issued a written communication to the Iranian authorities to introduce myself and express my interest in visiting the country,” Mr. Shaheed said. “My first report shall be submitted to the sixty-sixth session of General Assembly, and I have sought meetings with the Iranian Ambassador to the UN Offices in Geneva ahead of that date to discuss a platform for cooperation in the months ahead.”

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by yolanda on

I hope he will act fast before more political prisoners die or more people get arrested!