How Iran Keeps Assad in Power in Syria
Foreign Affairs / Genieve Abdo
25-Aug-2011 (3 comments)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, has made it clear that Tehran sees the uprising in Syria as a U.S. ploy: "In Syria, the hand of America and Israel is evident," he said on June 30. Meanwhile, he affirmed Iran's support for Assad, noting, "Wherever a movement is Islamic, populist, and anti-American, we support it."

In addition to sharing weapons and surveillance tools credible reports from Syrian refugees indicate that Tehran sent its own forces to Syria to quash the protests. A number of revolutionary guards from the elite Quds Force are also reported to be there, presumably to train Syrian forces. On May 18, the U.S. Treasury Department mentioned the role of the Quds Force directly, asserting that Mohsen Chizari, the Quds Force's third-in-command, was training the security services to fight against the protestors.


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I think that Europeans the

by Delavar1 on

I think that Europeans the Russians have finally realized that having relations with a terrorist theocratic regime in Iran (IRR) will be consequantial. Europe has already put santions on the Quds force for helping the brutall regime of Assad to stay in power. Russia is also becoming more aware of having a theocracy right next door to them is becoming a big issue. I hope thyis will not become like "noosh daroo baad az marge sohrab". rememember that America actually supporeted the Taliban in the cold war era to fight against the Soviets. The same talibans became ain Issue for the whole world later. I hope that the Europeans and Russians learn from history....


Iran 2050

by Fred on

I’ve always made a clear distinction between Islam the religion and Islamism which is a virulent political dogma very much like Nazism.

It is for nothing that the most ardent opposition to the entire system of Islamist Rapist Republic including its "reformist " version, their gofers and charlatan Ali Shariati devotees, are Muslims.

Iran 2050

Fred jaan,   I love

by Iran 2050 on

Fred jaan,


I love you bud, you have been dedicating your time to expose the brutal IRI regime, but, this is NOT an Islamic regime. Nothing in their philosophy and what they do is Islamic.

If you call them Islamist, you are blaming the situation on Islam, where as the blame need to be on us the people of Iran for doing things contrary to building a civilized and modern society.