FBI account of 'terror plot' suggests sting
Asia Times online / Gareth Porter
14-Oct-2011 (7 comments)

On May 24, when Arabsiar first met with the DEA informant he thought was part of a Mexican drug cartel, it was not to hire a hit squad to kill the ambassador. Rather, there is reason to believe that the main purpose was to arrange a deal to sell large amounts of opium from Afghanistan.

Ari Siletz

Arbabsiar and Qods cousin dealing Afghan opium.

by Ari Siletz on

So far the only account that fits everything we know about Arbabsiar, Qods, Mexican drug running, the money transfers, FBI record of  "terrorist" entrapment, the works. Arbabsiar planned to use his Qods cousin contact to start an Afghan opium supply operation with Mexican drug producers. His contact turned out to be a DEA informant, who created and reinforced the assassination idea. 


G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

If they were planning to supply Afghani opium to the Mexican drug producers/dealers, then why the need to transfer money when it involves so much risk at a time when you have difficulty wiring your own hard-earned money through banks you've had accounts with for decades. Couldn't they send US $1.5 million worth of opium? They were going to deal in opium, anyway. For drug dealers transferring drugs would be much easier than money. And they wouldn't need collateral. There would always be the fear of not getting their money. What guarantees did they have except for a worthless drug dealer(Arbabsiar) whose life is not worth US $1.5 million?


Good find, Ari

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Sounds more plausible than the official version, indeed.

Ari Siletz

Interesting link, Yolanda

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I feel sorry for him too. Survivor type, but self-destructive at the same time.



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Hi Ari,

     The case exposes that drug trafficking is the primary goal......the assassination, if it is true, is just a side show!

 I was wondering which case is weaker: Dominique Strauss-Kahn rape case or Arbabsiar case?

Anyway, something happened.....the dude wired $100,000 down payment!

His Iranian friend say:

“He didn’t do this for jihad, he didn’t do this for Iran, he did it for money,” Hosseini said. “He was not religious. He loved money.”

I feel sorry for this guy, he was stabbed 32 times and left to die many years ago...

Read more: //www.abc15.com/dpp/news/national/exclusive%3A-profile-of-iran-terror-plot-suspect-mansour-arbabsiar#ixzz1apVBsOYI


Ari Siletz


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It's not out of the question that Arbabsiar is an IRI supporter or even willing agent if asked. Still the question remains that even if  he is connected with the IRI in some way, was he ever instructed by anyone in the IRI to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to Washington? The prosecution's claim in this regard is carefully oblique. As the article points out, it was the DEA informant that append the assassination idea to the simple drug deal that Arbabsiar was really seeking.



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Interesting article! Later when they put this guy on trial, we will know if the whole thing is a set-up or the guy is an IRI's agent!