Make no mistake, Iran is not Iraq
gulf news / Linda S. Heard

Israel and the West can choose to live with the nuclear nation, test diplomacy or use military might which will set the region ablaze

War drums against Tehran are beating faster. The noise from Tel Aviv and western capitals has become so deafening that it could easily reach a tipping point; if Iran sticks to its guns and Israel and its backers are proved to be all bark and no bite, they could lose their deterrence credibility.

Israeli President Shimon Peres said an attack on Iran grows increasingly likely and that was before a damning report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that maintains Iran has been working on nukes since 2003 and has constructed a nuclear detonation system with the help of a Ukrainian nuclear scientist. Unfortunately, the ‘nuclear scientist' turns out instead to be a researcher in peaceful uses of nanodiamonds.

Iran has accused the IAEA of being an instrument of the US and warns that it will respond with "an iron fist" if attacked. With the memory of the invasion of Iraq and the air campaign against Libya, it's tempting to dismiss such fiery rhetoric. Moreover, Israelis will, no doubt, bear in mind their country's ‘successful' strike on an Iraqi civilian nuclear reactor in 1981 without considering the consequences. Immediately after that air attack, Saddam Hussain summoned his nuclear chiefs to instruct them to build a bomb. If an Iran strike was a video game, Israel and its western allies wo... >>>

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