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wired / Spencer Ackerman
If Israel Bombs Iran, It’ll Jam, Spoof and Hack First

Iran’s nuclear program inspires perennial rumors of an Israeli air raid. No one really knows if one is coming. But if it does, it won’t be a conventional bombing run. Israel has quietly developed powerful jamming, spoofing and electronic weapons to confuse the mullahs before, during and after an attack.

A combined squad of Heron drones, manned electronic attack planes from a unit called the Sky Crows and fighter jocks in F-15s and F-16s would execute the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The Israeli team will spoof the radars on the Iranian air defense weapons, telling their monitors that either no planes are in the sky or hundreds are. A separate spoofing effort will disrupt cellphone networks. Then the Israelis will hit the Iranian military’s command network with a distributed denial of service attack.

All of this is revealed in a monster piece from Danger Room friend Eli Lake, a Newsweek/Daily Beast reporter. Lake also reports that the Israelis might also possess the ability to insert a Stuxne... >>>

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