U.S. finalizes $30 billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia
Harretz.com / Natasha Mozgovaya
29-Dec-2011 (28 comments)

The U.S has finalized the sale of F-15 fighter Jets to Saudi Arabia in a deal worth 30 billion dollars, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Joshua Earnest said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the statement, the agreement includes "production of 84 new aircraft and the modernization of 70 existing aircraft as well as munitions, spare parts, training, maintenance and logistics."


The game is being clear now!

by Souri on

Well, this was a long awaited news! We always knew that US needs to sell those weapons to "someone"....

We also knew that Iran is a target in the new future.

But we had doubted about "who" will be the other participant of tha war!

Now, the game players are better identified.

Judge by yoursefl!





this is not helpful, the war against Iran won't distinguish between the good, the bad and the most ugly amongst "Iranians"! No matter how you toss the dices, IRI is not the only evil in this blame game which will eventually escalate into a bloody war and burn our country!


think again, this is beyond our differences in opinion!

iraj khan

$30 B To Saudi Royal Family

by iraj khan on

it's like upgrading their RollsRoyces

at the end of the year.

They could use it against the rebelious Shia population at their border in Yemen but they don't have the guts to use it against Iran. 

Also, I haven't heard from Israeli Lobby in U.S yet?

I had the impression they would raise hell over this sale.  

I wonder what favor Israel is getting from Uncle Sam in order to keep quiet?



by Souri on

I hope you were not adressing me when you have insulted "people" here. In fact I wish you would  refrain from insulting others, while you are discussing with them.

Yes, I think the IRIs are the Iranians people, not the Arabs. But there's not any pride nor  preference to be killed by the Iranians hamvatan, rather than being killed by the Arabs. I especially asked that question from you, because I know your "hate" for the Arbas.

I hope there wouldn't be any war in the region, and especially I deplore any war against my country. But IF this happens soon and IF it  proves to be related to this recent transaction between US and the SA believe me it will not take too long for you to regret what you have said today! I am sure.


The usual suspect has spoken like a true "lokhti"

by AMIR1973 on

It's only natural that those maintaining a cancer-like existence in the US and using US-developed technologies to spout their usual Ann-Ghollabi Joooo-hatred and hatred of the U.S. are also "lokhtis" of the sort that we see in the IRI and throughout the Mideast (usually standing in front of another country's burning flag). No surprises there.


باید هم از فروش این سلاح ها عصبانی باشین


چرا که هموطنان (مثلا) ایرانی شما این سلاح ها را برای دفاع از انقلاب و ارزشهای خود انتخاب کرده اند:


خاک بر سرتان که نمی فهمید که دوست و دشمنتون کیه 



واق واق


به سگ هر چه کمتر محل بذاری بیشتر واق می‌زنه

واق بزن تا جونت دارد 

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



The usual suspects wouldn't

by AMIR1973 on

The usual suspects wouldn't be saying a single peep if not for the fact that they are aping the propaganda line laid down by the IRI. So go ahead and knock yourself out with the typical lines about the Great Satan, Little Satan, and (Fill in the Blank nation) that the IRI likes to target. Like I said, the garbage of the An-Gholabis is still living like a cancer in our midst.


The real distraction is…

by Bavafa on

When we change the discussion of the news from a $30 billion Arm deal, when the deadliest weapons are being sold  to one of the most repressive regime in the world to anything but this news clip.

  But hey, knock your self out.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by Fesenjoon2 on

Which Arabs are you talking about Souri? These?:


or these?:


Cuz they already have been killing Iranians for the past 33 years, thanks to people who protect that regime by constantly talking about America's weapons and crimes instead of those of IRI.  


Actually, most cancer drugs WERE and ARE developed in the US

by AMIR1973 on

The usual anti-US, anti-Israel, anti-(Fill in the Blank nation) line propagated both by the IRI's official propaganda outlets and by certain elements in cyber space is meant to be a distraction from Problems Number 1, 2, and 3 for Iranians -- namely, the Islamist terrorist regime ruling their country for the past 3 decades.


I yearn for the day ….

by Bavafa on

That this democratic, freedom loving nation becomes the wealthiest nation in the world not by selling man-killing machines but by selling cancer curing drugs.

  And those who are overjoyed by seeing one of the most repressive regime in the world getting armed with the deadliest weapon, they need to examine their principals in live, if they have any.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Not a problem

by MRX1 on

This is a buisness deal that generates revenew , keeps workers employed in U.S and create some jobs in Saudi Arabia. It's no different than the typical crap that our supposedly  anti imprealist friends (china, and russia) constantly sell to IRI.  The only difference is they don't publisize that much.


84 F-15's? No problem!!!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

the dear leader khaamenei and ahmadinezhad joon will destroy them all mid air by blocking the tight straits of hormouz.

And how do I know? My local Kia car dealer told me so :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Nothing to Get Excited about!

by Faramarz on


The delivery of the 84 F-15’s will not begin until early 2015.  So there is nothing imminent about this deal.

This deal was arranged when the news of the assassination plot on the Saudi’s ambassador in Washington by the Iranian car dealer was revealed. Just before the Attorney General went public on Mr. Arbab-Siar, Obama dispatched his national security adviser, Tom Donilon to Riyadh and gave the king a private briefing. As a part of that meeting, this deal was agreed upon.

Obama’s reaction to the assassination plot was muted and he rightfully stayed the course on tighter sanctions. This deal also signals that the US and Saudi Arabia have resolved their differences over Hosni Mubarak and the uprising in Bahrain and are moving forward with their single focus on the IR Regime as the main problem.


IRGC is not defending Iran

by IranFirst on


"The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, organized
in the early days of the triumph of the Revolution, is to be maintained
so that it may continue in its role of guarding the Revolution and its
achievements. The scope of the duties of this Corps, and its areas of responsibility,
in relation to the duties and areas of responsibility of the other armed
forces, are to be determined by law, with emphasis on brotherly cooperation
and harmony among them."

IRI's Constitution

Does anyone see any mention of Iran or defending the country? As mater of fact IRGC heads have mentioned on numerous occasions that they (and Basij) are here to defend imposed Islam and Mullahs only (no matter what Iranian wishes are) , they have said (2009) that they will kill as many as needed to keep VF in power. Their loyalty is to Islam and Hamas and Hezbolah,Syria....and not Iran.

So, why should Iranians care if these parasites get blown away  by anyone's weapon, specially on an unwanted war that THEY bring on Iran


Tiger Lily, there is a familiar pattern to the propaganda

by AMIR1973 on

Basically, keep the focus on the "enemies" of the IRI, namely Great Satan, Little Satan, Saudis, Bahrain, etc, etc (as I called them the usual Tom, Dick, and Harry). You'll pardon me if I don't take too kindly to those that ape the IRI's propaganda.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

chances are that after delivery of some or all ....

some where NATO comes in and .....

same as they did to Iraq in 2003 and Lybia in 2011 a year after sealling the arms deals.

F-15 are out of circulation for USAF.




by Souri on

So, you like that Iranias be killed by the Arabs? Again?

Tiger Lily

Amir1973, so now my British Ministry of Defence is anti-Western?

by Tiger Lily on

The recurring discussion is if it's possible to sell weapons responsibly and passing tighter bills.

P.S.Anyway, I can just see these Saudi's drooping, getting their kaftans caught in the engines of their jets and the women loosing their preciously implosive virginities by just looking at the shape of heavy metal, tweeting their husbands' investments via camel.


Akh joon

by Fesenjoon2 on

I hope they actually get to use these weapons against Iran. I'd love to see the expression on their (IRI) faces once they realize there is no Mahdi coming after their holy war (which they will lose). Like Siamak said, retards.


U.S. to Sell F-15s to

by vildemose on

U.S. to Sell F-15s to Saudi Arabia


 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


LOL, Ari

by Souri on

You are always a genius satirist!

I love you !

Happy new year , my friend.

Let's hope for a peaceful year for Iran and the whole world!

Ari Siletz

Couldn't the U.S. have at least...

by Ari Siletz on

...asked for some improvement in the status of Saudi women as a condition of the deal? Where is the political influence of American feminism?


Some wish to imply that the IRI is not the most oppressive

by AMIR1973 on

regime in the Mideast. Those elements can try all they want to shift the focus from the Number One executioner in the world (per capita) and the Number One oppressor of the Iranian people to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, except for the IRI. One day, it's the Great Satan, the next day it's the Little Satan, and the next day it's (Fill in the Blank nation) -- you will notice that their targets are the same targets as the IRI's official propaganda outlets. Those same people need to flush the anti-Western barkings of demagogues and parasites like Ali Shariati and Jalal al-e Ahmad down the toliet where they belong. 


The most oppressive regime in the world…

by Bavafa on

Armed with the most sophisticated weapons in the world.


And US as the champion of the free and democratic promoter in the world!!!!



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Brief Synopsis

by پندارنیک on


U.S. finalizes $30 billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia

by Souri on

think  we  should worry about this. It seems that a war in region is indisputable, now....and this may happen sooner than we have anticipated!