Iranian assassination bears all the hallmarks of Mossad
ABC news

BRENDAN TREMBATH: An United States intelligence and security expert says it's unlikely the US was involved in this week's assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist. Iran has blamed both the US and Israel.

Iranian news reports say Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan was killed on his way to work in Tehran. A motorcyclist attached a bomb to his car.

Dr Joseph Fitsanakis is an Iran watcher, and coordinator of the Security and Intelligence Studies programme at King College in Tennessee. He's told Suzanne Hill that the assassination is probably the work of Israel's spy service. 

JOSEPH FITSANAKIS: The assassination fits the character of the Mossad, going back all the way to 1960s with Operation Damocles when the Israelis actually went so far as assassinating German scientists working with Egypt in Egypt's nuclear program. 

Some people mention that there are other agencies that have similar operational character like the Russians, for instance, the Russian secret services but the Russians are allies of Iran.

The Chinese have been mentioned as well but, again, even though they're pretty capable, they don't have that type of operational character. 

SUZANNE HILL: When we talk about operational character, are you referring only to Mossad's predisposition to a... >>>

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