Iran pioneers in human rights in world: Larijani
press tv
Secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights says the country is a pioneer of human rights in the world and supports any kind of international cooperation in the area of human rights.

Addressing the 19th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday, Mohammad-Javad Larijani said Iran will never allow UN human rights mechanisms to become tools in the hands of US and some Western states to exert political pressure on countries opposing them, including Iran.

Referring to a recent report released by the UN Rights Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed on the rights situation in Iran, he added that the UN rapporteur has failed to present the real picture of Iran to the world.

“Instead of fulfilling his main duties, [Ahmed Shaheed] has taken part in interviews with various media outlets like a movie star,” he added.

“To prepare such a report which is filled with baseless charges [against Iran], the rapporteur does not need to take the trouble and travel to Iran…rather he can stay in Geneva or New York and visit counterrevolutionary websites …and simply copy and paste their content,” Larijani said.

He further noted that Iran has successfully established a democracy based on religious rationality instead of the Western liberal democracy and is a source of inspiration for other regional nations.

Larijani stated that the special rapporteur that is sent to Iran must report the realities of the Iranian nation and its achievemen... >>>

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