Tehran offers Tanzania $10m grant
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DARESSALAAM-- Iran has extended a $10 million grant to Tanzania out of which $4 million will be used to construct two ultra-modern health centers in Kigamboni and Zanzibar.

About $6 million will be spent to establish a modern irrigation technology transfer centre in the country. The projects to be implemented in phases are part of the two countries efforts to strengthening cooperation which dates back over 1,000 years. Iranian Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Mohsen Movahedi, told Journalists in Dar es Salaam  that the two health centers estimated to cost one million dollars are budgeted at $4 million, while the modern irrigation technology transfer facility will cost six million dollars. The Iran Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Mohsen Movahedi, said the support also aims at promoting the South-South cooperation . The South-South cooperation is the brain child of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Non Aligned Movement (NAM) member states through the Geneva based South Centre. “Iran-Tanzania cooperation dates back to over 1,000 years when Shiraz traders from Persian Gulf, sailed to Tanzania for trade. It is through this history we are determined to even strengthen the ties in health, agriculture, diplomacy etc,” said the envoy. He said the two health centres will be built and equipped in a way that will enable both medics and patients get a feel of working and being treated at a high standard medical facility. “Health is central to human being’s l... >>>
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