Iran bans women from Euro 2012 screenings
11-Jun-2012 (one comment)

Women in Iran are being banned from watching live public screenings of Euro 2012 football games because of an “inappropriate” environment where men could become rowdy, a deputy police commander said Sunday. 

“It is an inappropriate situation when men and women watch football in (movie) theatres together,” said Bahman Kargar, Iran’s deputy police commander in charge of social affairs, according to the ISNA news agency.

“Men, while watching football, get excited and sometimes utter vulgar curses or tell dirty jokes,” he said. “It is not within the dignity of women to watch football with men. Women should thank the police” for the ban.

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ass backwardness

by azadi5 on

so, rather than solving the problem, it being men uttering vulgar curses, they just ban women from attending such screening. Some solution they have come up with, but again, can't expect anything more from this regime.