A Dark Picture of Religious Freedom in Iran
02-Aug-2012 (one comment)

— In a report released Monday, the United States painted a dark picture of religious freedom in Iran, documenting how the government there oppresses the followers of virtually every religious minority in the country, restricting their religious activities, limiting their economic prospects, and imprisoning them when they tell others about their beliefs.

"Government rhetoric and actions created a threatening atmosphere for nearly all non-Shia religious groups, most notably for Baha'is, as well as for Sufi Muslims, evangelical Christians, Jews, and Shia groups that did not share the government's official religious views," said the 2011 annual US Department of State's report on International Religious Freedom in its section on Iran.

"Baha'i and Christian groups reported arbitrary arrests, prolonged detentions, and confiscation of property. During the year, government-controlled broadcast and print media intensified negative campaigns against religious minorities, particularly Baha'is.

"All religious minorities suffered varying degrees of officially sanctioned discrimination, particularly in the areas of employment, education, and housing. Baha'is continued to experience expulsions from, or denial of admission to, universities," the report said.

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The darkest hours of night bring the glad tidings of the Dawn!

by amigo19 on

Thanks for sharing this piece of news, though heart breaking, but it brings to our soul the fresh promises by our Holy writings. 

It has been really unbearable to live in our Beloved Iran. Not even the parted ones are in peace, the cemeteries are desecrated, no right for the Bahaí youth  to study at universities, no right to have a government job,and even those who have private businesses are being banned step by step.We are not even able to defend ourselves from slanders and false accusations made by the clergy and the simple hearted misinformed people at the incitation of the mullahs. They have destroyed our homes,slaughtered innocent Bahais, confiscated our belongings, cursed and profaned our Holy and sacred places,and our Holy figures.The ones who have the guts to stand up against this injustice have ended up in jails, children are harassed and bulleid at schools, even our computers are not safe from the digital attacks of agents of the government. Let the history be the judge of this injustice.

Now here comes the Multiple user's name  fellow who wants to expell all iranians to Israel, He doesn´t even know that Bahaís are forbidden to live in Israel, if we go to Haifa, it´s once in our life, as they do when they go To The Holy Mecca, Imagine, with due respect, when they go to  HOLY MECCA they throw stones to their own Holy places, I wonder what they would NOT do," May God forbid" if they had access to our Holy places outside Iran, you can imagine and deduce from what they have done to our Holy places in Iran!

With the hope that very soon every human being in Iran regardless their creed, ethnic group, gender or any other difference, can live in piece and harmoney together!