Open letter to the Honorable John Baird regarding decision to sever diplomatic relations with the IRI / Reza Pahlavi
10-Sep-2012 (2 comments)

Earlier this year, I filed a report with the UN Security Council and the ICC detailing the clerical regime of Iran’s continued, systematic and gross violation of human rights -- within and beyond its borders. It is a sad truth and an established fact that has been highlighted in media and by human rights organizations over the years; however, unfortunately, the regime in Iran remains unchallenged and grows ever bolder in its machinations.

Breaking diplomatic relations with Iran presents a new opportunity to shed light on the systematic disregard for United Nations resolutions and violation of human rights by the current regime in Iran.  The more isolated the regime, and the more economic sanctions sap the regime, it is hoped that the Iranian people will rise up and free themselves of this totalitarian regime. 

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What is it ? He was a

by nojanthegreat on

What is it ? He was a crown prince of Iran , how can he ask a foreign minister to hurt Iranian interest , have we became that blind that we don’t care for our fellow Iranian or Iran’s interest in the glob that we support such a aggressive and unjust move by Canadian government ? Have Canada stop dealing with Saudi Arabia or Pakistan who are the great cancer for middle east . Those were the main player in game of al Qaeda or Taliban . But I guess its true that we do not learn from our history and we are doomed to repeat it all the times .


R(i)P to Honorable John Angry Baird:

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Now massa, when can I come and polish your shoo massa?

Is there a place for me in the future Iran or are you going to throw her to wolves like you have done with Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, and Egypt.

I mean you made my father kiss Shariatmadari hiney. Will you make me do the same to likes of Morsi?

What if you make me become friends with the "Arabian Gulf" countries? What will I tell my fans in, my only constituents?

Well, I surely hope you know , as we say in Persian, the kind of shit you are eating.

With high steam and no substance, R(i)P