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What the civilized world needs
An international secular movement
February 16, 2007

A child has no religion
We should tear out all romantic falsification surrounding the veil
November 9, 2006

The other side of oppression
The reality of women's liberation movement in Iran
October 23, 2006

Anti-Islamism does not justify racism
An Open Letter to Oriana Fallaci
July 7, 2006

Change NOW
We need to dismantle sexual apartheid in Iran
June 1, 2006

First victims
We should build a united force against political Islam whose number one target is women
March 7, 2006

Don't be intimidated!
On the row over “offensive” cartoons
February 4, 2006

We need to go forward and to de-religionize society
Message read at 7th December meeting in Paris to celebrate 100 years of secularism
December 11, 2005

Separation of god & science
Especially on gender issues and sexual equality, religious schools contradict society's achievements
May 16, 2005

Is Canada next?
How many Islamic republics do we have to fight? One in Iran, one in Afghanistan, fighting the creation of another in Iraq, and now one in Canada
January 7, 2005

Tolerance towards THAT?
Asking to show tolerance vis-à-vis Islamic laws and customs is hypocritical
December 8, 2004

Not the last
On Theo 'an Gogh's assassination
November 17, 2004

Hejab ban?
Interview with Azar Majedi
July 21, 2004


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