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What matters is her work
On Shahrnush Parsipur
August 7, 200

Vast right-wing conspiracy
Drumming up another fake crisis
June 21, 2007

At the brink
Observing the Islamic Republic from the vantage point of outside, I can't help but be reminded of the mid-Seventies
April 30, 2007

My gun is bigger than yours
Americans have a strange love affair with guns
April 23, 2007

Vibrant political life
Ahmadinejad has outstayed his welcome
December 18, 2006

Double life
Fereydoun Hoveyda hobnobbed with arts and culture grandees in Europe and America while serving a regime that at best had a contemptuous relationship with the intellegencia
December 3, 2005

Doing business, Iranian style
Judging by my infrequent encounter with Iranian businesses in Vancouver not much has changed in the way Iranians do business with each other
September 25, 2005

Airing out dirty laundry
No one can ask an Iranian Jew or Armenian or Bahai to shut her mouth and not talk about their experiences
May 2, 2006

Everywhere all the time
Of course too much information is better than no information but information glut has its own hazards
August 29, 2005

Being Lolita in Tehran
Azar Nafici's observations of post-revolution Iran from Olympian heights
June 29, 2005

Fast ride to hell
How many times this pathetic scenario has to be repeated to realize that wars such as the one in Chechnya are not winnable?
September 17, 2004

Elegant simplicity
Armed with cardboard cutters, faith and little else
August 5, 2004

In the name of national security
If Maher Arar was in fact a threat to the US, why...
December 5, 2003

Monty Schwarzeneggar
Nowadays any farce pales in comparison to the garish spectacle that passes as public life
October 22, 2003

Far from causal brutality
Zahra Kazemi's murder
September 30, 2003

Abandoning the messy truth
When facts didn't quite fit the drama
June 24, 2003

Lightness of simply being
Spending Sunday mornings in a restaurant without one's every move being dissected by the state
April 14, 2003

The humanist alternative
One doesn't have to choose between Mickey Mouse and the mullahs
March 19, 2003

Bad English bad for your health
Iranian passenger on Air Canada busted for poor choice of words
February 7, 2003

Moody Rudi
Sublime stupidity of much of TV news
December 20, 2002

Third alley, right door
Does a landscape adapt to the soul of its people?
November 4, 2002

What happened?
Why did the Googoosh generation turn fundamentalist?
February 15, 2002

From Utopia to reality
"Women Without Men"
August 17, 2001

Fish out of water
A moment to remember Shamlou
August 1, 2000

Democracy is paramount
Lessons from the aftermath of the '53 coup
June 23, 2000

Culture of Karbala
Wondering why we are so uncompromising?
September 2, 1999

Layers of meaning
Among other things, Iranian movies encourage a "good cry"
May 20, 1999

It's all a myth
A response to Laleh Khalili's "Forgiving Salm and Tur: A polemic on race"
October 23, 1998


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