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Uncle Hossein
Hossein Derakhshan is part of a generation of idiot savants who have the audacity to refer to themselves as human rights activists
September 8, 2006

Petition nation
August 17, 2006

A man and women's rights
CIelebrating the writings and research of Hammed Shahidian who had a laconic commitment to women's rights
November 30, 2005

We know: he's a maniac
The people of Iran are quite aware of their predicament
November 11, 2005

How to be pragmatic with patriarchy
Policing of the IWSF women's conference
September 23, 2005

The Persian Pleasure Principle
Human rights scholar or harlequin romance writer?
July 25, 2005

Seeing red
Photo essay: Eledction day anti-IRI demonstration, Ottawa

June 18, 2005

The sport of politics
We need to recognize that simply having a vote every four years in no way constitutes a democratic government; it is the electoral process before, and after the fact, that matters. In this respect, the people of Iran have moved way beyond their governing bodies
June 13, 2005

I'm every woman
For Zahra Kazemi
April 19, 2005

Canada & Kazemi
A Canadian citizen is a Canadian citizen is a Canadian citizen?
April 4, 2005

Entre nous
March 6, 2005

The groundhog and the spate of the union
It is official: there will be six more weeks of winter and four more years of George Walker Bush
February 7, 2005

Us vs. Us
Iranians are not locked into a constant struggle between the Tazi's and Turani's; this is no way to live
January 21, 2005

The gulf wars
What's in a name?
January 18, 2005

My own private hostage crisis
I began sobbing as soon as the boys had tied us up
November 22, 2004

Lashes per dollar
Canadian trade with Iran and the issue of human rights
October 22, 2004

Last Tango with Tehran
Canada owes it to Kazemi
July 29, 2004

Sea of troubles
To vote or not to vote?
January 19, 2004


Samira Mohyeddin has a degree in Religion and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Toronto, and is currently pursuing a collaborative graduate program in Women's and Middle Eastern Studies there.

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