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Get serious
Chomsky has always condemned the undemocratic nature of the IRI and its violations of human rights
August 4, 2007

Special treatment
Lamenting the absurdity of the UK sailors saga
July 26, 2007

Blood money
No one is looking, so they’re taking!
July 20, 2007

Health fudge
When doctors behave like mafia capos, who should the people turn to?
July 13, 2007

Goddess not God
The physical characteristics of the universe -- and more -- point to the hands of a goddess at work
July 5, 2007

Have a heart
Where the hell does all the wealth that they steal from the rest of the world go?
July 3, 2007

Had he been Muslim
If you're name is not Mohammed or Ali, you're not going to be front-page news
June 24, 2007

Sir Zero
The approach of Rushdie (and others) has zero effect in dampening the waves of Islamic extremism
June 17, 2007

Ghahr nakon
If torture is grounds for disengagement, well... that’s too easy... what about US and UK and their behavior in Iraq and Afghanistan?
May 16, 2007

Effective to a fault
When a person uses violence she/he looses a piece of themselves. When societies do they loose a whole lot more.
May 12, 2007

Snowing on the news
In a reenactment of the post-Katrina fiasco, Bush's front man deflects criticism
May 10, 2007

Are they nuts?
One has to wonder, why at this critical juncture has the IRI embarked on a campaign to harass Iranian women?
April 30, 2007

More than a lover
Countries don’t betray people. Betrayal is the handy work of men
April 13, 2007

Just say you're sorry
The British sailors were in Iranian waters
March 31, 2007

This is not our way
Parading these sailors on TV is unacceptable and should be condemned, more so by Iranians
March 28, 2007

Make a fuss
We need to be offended when an offense is targeted at us
March 8, 2007

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