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Enough is enough for sacrificing our national interest in blaming our government facing imperialistic pressure of world powers
February 10, 2006

New world leader
If Kerry is elected, then the real kingmakers will have a new face in the White House
October 14, 2004

Beh asraar-e moamaa naresi...
March 15, 2004

A tale of two beasts
How could greedy and blood thirsty warmongers take a back seat to a prosperous world in peace?
January 12, 2004

As if we NEEDED the Nobel
The reality is that the West treats the rest of the world as less than equal
November 14, 2003

Jang-e 72 mellat
October 16, 2003

A tale of two candidates
Welcome to the world of democracy in 21st century
October 6, 2003

Khar gashtan va khar kardan
We don't have it, we neet it: Political awareness
September 3, 2003

On Abdolkarim Soroush's letter
July 17, 2003

Self-alienation & reverence for foreign cultures
June 10, 2003

Wake up Mr. Journalist
Journalists do not take the extra step to explore the real motives in the world affair
May 29, 2003

Not a game
The war was a game only to thugs who played it that way
May 14, 2003


Mohamad Purqurian, aka Steve M Purqurian, was a fiction writer and a poet as early as age 11. As a teenager, he published some of his works in Toufiq, Keyhan and Javanan. Later, in early 70s, he wrote in depth scholarly articles for Tehran Economist, and the Journal of Iranian Society of Expert Accountants.

Purqurian joined an independent group of Iranian Ph.D. students to discuss political affairs of Iran during revolution in late 70s and early 80s. He was, and still is, a participant in socio-political and cultural affairs of Iranians with no affiliation to any political party whatsoever.

He joined a group of caring Iranians who established the first full fledged Iranian School in San Diego, California. Soon he was elected the chairman of the board, and founded Persian Cultural Center in 1987. He is also a permanent board member of Kamal Cultural Foundation, and currently serves as its chairman of the board.

Purqurian received his Master degree in accounting from National Iranian Oil Company School of Accountancy and Finance, Tehran, Iran 1976. Dr. Purqurian received his Ph.D. in Management from US International University, San Diego, California, 1982. He passed his CPA exam in 1983 amongst the top 2% candidates in the nation.

Dr. Purqurian was the head of Direct Investment Division of the Bankers Investment Company of Iran before he left Iran to pursue his doctoral education in the USA. As parts of his teaching experience, Purqurian has thought graduate management accounting at National University in San Diego, and Costa Rica. He also worked as an auditor for the County of San Diego.

e currently runs his consulting firm as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in San Diego, California. Top

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