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Momentary philosopher
I suggest we tire ourselves out with life
January 13, 2007

Pleasure & pain
Drawings & watercolors
January 4, 2007

If death is too high of a price
I'm not afraid of seeming out-there
January 4, 2007

Random act of kindness
On the path to the climax
December 28, 2006

In yesterday's news
Mel Gibson was finishing his 2nd bottle of scotch and preparing for his presentation at Ahmmadinejad's "The Myth that is Holocaust" conference
December 11, 2006

Professor Pervert
Neither the professor nor the students are touching my work
December 5, 2006

The renewed virgin
I think we can all agree that experience looks good on men
December 1, 2006

Support WHAT exactly!?
Iranian Student Organization's drinking culture
November 28, 2006

For letters section
To Rana Rabei

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Palaces and Gardens of Persia
by Yves Porter and Arthur Thevenart