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Ambassadors for peace and reconciliation
Perspectives on the arrest of Iranian-Americans in Tehran
June 7, 2007

Don't go there
Iranian-American community's majority opinion is opposed to any military action against Iran
April 26, 2006

Persia reinstated
Scholastic Inc. reverses decision to exclude Persia from Ancient Civilization section of "The New Book of Knowledge"
November 17, 2005

Hot water
The consensus among the international community of scholars is to employ only the single legitimate historical name, Persian Gulf in all communications
December 10, 2004

Anti-terrorism or anti-science?
American Chemical Society cannot accept manuscripts submitted by Iranian chemists
January 3, 2003

Common language
Hossein Aslani's multifaceted contributions to society follows his global musical perspectives
July 17, 2002

Blanket mistreatment
Iranians guilty until proven innocent
April 30, 2002

Encyclopaedia Iranica is the ultimate source on all things Iranian
March 12, 2001

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To David N. Rahni

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