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Playing footsie with the facts
For one thing, all things inside Iran are NOT Persian
May 11, 2004

Are we sheep?
Why I won't vote for just any Iranian-American
April 15, 2004

XYZ Government
Readers offer their vision for Iran's future
July 16, 2003

Hold the fireworks
July 9th has come and gone without a revolution. Why?
July 9, 2003

What's the alternative?
Send your ideas and visions on what Iran's government should be like
June 27, 2003

You the people
We the Rulers
June 18, 2003

Who you talkin' to?
Iranian cinema has lost its magic
December 6, 2002

Debating everything
On the reception of Iranian films
November 5, 2002

Cat in a bag
At the start of the 24th year of the Iranian Revolution
February 11, 2002

Royal blue vs. the rainbow
We don't need HIM to save us
January 31, 2002

To be heard
Of hope and despair: Rakhshan Bani Etemad's Our Times
January 23, 2002

Emamzadeh Saleh
I can sit in the courtyard, think about my life, and shed some tears
January 10, 2002

Just a concert
Still, it was an incredibly surreal experience in Iran
January 4, 2002

This isn't my real job
Tehran's real estate agents are hated by larger society
January 2, 2002

I had a dream
How Harvard failed me
October 26, 2001

His royal lowness
Why should we go from one aqazadeh system to another?
October 26, 2001

I crash
I can no longer separate the components of my grief
September 24, 2001

A very good thing
Muzaffar al-Din Shah's encounter with cinema
August 24, 2001

What forgiveness?
Reformists need to acknowledge their past
August 10, 2001

On the verge
Waiting... What is it, exactly?
July 11, 2001

Looking for a grave
July 3, 2001

Harming whom?
Do stories about sex harm anyone?
June 7, 2001

Where do you begin?
Taking away the gravity of true apartheid and genocide
June 4, 2001

Kaaree keh mulla meekoneh
Mulla: An evolution
May 22, 2001

Book me
A world other than your own
May 16, 2001

Good old-fashioned sexuality
Among the "old-fashioned" one finds more openmindedness
May 9, 2001

Cooking with words
Goljan's bread
May 4, 2001

Rolling rock
My first summer of absolute passion for the Boston Red Sox
April 27, 2001

In love again
Tehran falls into my pattern of love
April 20, 2001

My right foot
Or how I married a podiatrist
April 11, 2001

Not THAT good
Patronizing adoration for Iranian cinema
August 24, 2000


Naghmeh Sohrabi is a PhD student in history at Harvard University. She was a visiting lecturer at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA, for a semester, where she taught Middle Eastern history through popular culture and Arabic. To top

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