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Launched in 1995, The Iranian is an online magazine for those who care deeply about all things Iranian–identity, culture, music, history, politics, literature, and one another.

The content we publish seeks to celebrate the Iranian diaspora, showcase our diverse voices, and share stories that matter. We are also an attempt in creating a sustainable media outlet for the Iranian diaspora; one that can remain independent and support quality journalism. 

By becoming a member of The Iranian you’ll be supporting an Iranian-American media outlet by helping us raise the funds necessary to hire journalists and talented creators of in-depth investigative reporting, poignant personal essays, biting satire, advice and coverage of local Iranian events!

Our diaspora community is deserving of a professional media outlet that can share the stories that matter to us; stories that you will not find anywhere else on the web, but that are essential to building stronger, culturally-rich and connected communities.

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