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Saayeh medaad bar kaaghaz
Alefbaaye to
July 1, 2007

Dirooz ahan ast
Emrooz rafighe man ast
June 22, 2007

Ghazal-e azad (4)
Nemieestam dar hich kaarevaansaraee
February 12, 2006

Ghazal-e azad (3)
Dar asemaam Nahid miderakhshad
February 12, 2006

Ghazal-e azad (2)
Dar daroone hobaabi roshan aah mikesham
February 12, 2006

Ghazal-e azad (1)
Qalbam raa mitapi
June 13, 2005

Chand rubai-ye azad
A few free rubais
May 29, 2005

Qobar-e sokut
May 22, 2005

13th century poem
January 21, 2005

Baba Ezra
Five poems
July 1997

July 1997

A Word with Majesty
July 1997

Made You Mine America
June 1997


Ali Zarrin immigrated to the USA in 1970 and is a bilingual Iranian-American poet, writer, critic and translator whose works have been anthologized and published in books and publications such as Identity Lessons (Penguin Press), A World Between (George Braziler, New York), Exiled Memories (Temple University Press), Literary Review's special edition on Iranian Literature of Diaspora, and Premonitions ( Kaya Press, New York). He has also been included in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Islamic World and Rattaplex 8 (featuring modern Iranian poets) as a Persian poet and in the upcoming Encyclopedia of Ethnic American Literature as an Iranian-American poet. He is also the author of four books of poems in Persian and four in English, all of which can be ordered from his website His long poem in English Book of I, a dialogue with America, will soon be published by City Lights of San Francisco.

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