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APRIL 2002

* You go girl!
* Martial arts put to good use
Ohum rock concert in Tehran
Mansuri clan
* Idiot khodeti!
Oh those wonderful women
Boro kashketo bessaab
You've probably seen this too
* Khomeini opera
* Difference between us and them
I am 100% Rashti
* Oh my God! I love omelettes too!
* Unreal: New school uniforms
* Rreal: Walking into a war
* Kiss: mmmm
Kiss: ewwww
Allah o Akbar
* Sakineh, stay with me
* Count the black dots
* I need it
* What do you call this?
Do you understand this?
* Bunch of pussies
* I have a story
* Would love to see this
* Way to go
* Clock art (Thanks to Farzad Mobin)
* Tormoz!
* Organized chaos
* Wow
* No joke
* Genocide

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* Anyway

* Satire

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