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April 2003

* Islamic Smirnoff
* Prostitutes: Healthier... but more expensive (Damnallah!)
* Leili & Majnoon: Cyberlove
* Of all the Iraqis Bush picks a Qazvini
* Foreign Minister Shalqam
* ZamZam Cola in Baghdad
* Women's prayer
* It aint easy being a dick

* Lunch anyone?
* Job vacancy: President of Iraq
* Evolution: Man & woman
* Paykan Javati
* Nurse? Tripple the anesthetic
* Buy a nose
* Party!!!!! Woooooooohooo!

* Tintin's latest adventure
* Killer headline: "Kill Americans"
* Oops! Wrong number :o)
* What's that foreign sperm doing in your vagina?
* One long penis enlargement ad
* Aren't you that chick...?
* Licensed to kill, honestly
* I'm lost. No, really, I AM lost

* Bush gets a call from Chirac
* Bush gets a message from Saddam
* Get your very own talking terrorist
* Corrections in the Shahnameh
* Test your IQ
* Baraaye pool daar shodan, hatman bekhaanid
* Be careful what you wish for

* Alternative Oscar Awards
* Ronald McDalghak
* Chegooneh baa-kelass shaveem
* What's in a name?
* Blah blah blah blah... Bomb Saddam!
* Blah blah blah blah... egg hunt!
* Human smuggling

* Messle khar geer kardam
* US road map for the Middle East
* News from Iraq according to Kayhan
* What's your phone number?
* Five Jews change the way we see the world

* New Iraqi Dinar
* Iran & U.S. after the war in Iraq
* Welcome to Kos Island
* I'n not a MUSLIM Iranian. Hire me
* Asghar Kebreetee is out of the office
* Cock expelled from school
* Children's book: Paddington

* If you can't..., bomb Iraq
* "Shock and awe" war strategy
* Rafsanjani's Yahoo profile
* ba-SOL-o-ma-TEE (REE-dee)
* No kids, you can't take the flower pots home
* Good old days

* Iraqi camouflage
* Dow Jones stock market ticker
* Prophet Mohammad and make-up? How much more fucked up can we be?
* Beer to beauty ratio
* What would your reaction be if...?

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