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June 8, 2004

* Proud Iranicon

Mr. Shirazi, [Watch out for Iranicons]

It always amazes me how you so-called reformists like to compare apples to oranges when talking about Iran and the Pahlavi era. Your sole aim is to confuse the reader into believing your baseless propaganda. Now, you have the gall to bring the Cuban scenario into the equation?! As an Iranicon, or more specifically a 'Taghouti' as your illiterate mentor/Imam dim-wittedly labelled any secularist, we pose a serious threat to the Republic of Thievery, Repression and Terrorism you so eagerly represent.  

We Monarchists, or I should correctly state, Nationalists, have every right to reclaim anything and everything you and your revolutionary comrades 'stole' from our families. I will admit that a small minority of these families might have acquired some ill-gotten wealth during the Pahlavi era, but to claim that every single one of us now residing in exile is dreaming of days gone by is simply asinine and totally ignorant.

The 'Kangaroo Court' system in place today in Iran where one is guilty until he/she faces the firing squad manned by some imported Arab thug, does not give us the due process needed to clear our names because you and your cohorts DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH! For your information, some of us noble families stretch back hundreds of years, and yes we even pre-date the Pahlavi reign! Simply put, your argument does not have one leg to stand on.

The IRI has always labelled any forward thinking person as 'westoxified' because they know well enough that Islam is a prehistoric and barbaric cult based on lies and intimidation (something they take part in on a daily basis). Before you go and label me as a 'Kaleemi' or 'Massehi' (a typical claim made by supporters of the IRI seeking to create an 'us vs. them' agenda), I will let you know that I was borne in Iran, and as a result I am/was a Shiite by default, but came to realise that I am an Iranian FIRST then a Muslim (which I no longer consider myself as), and NOT vice-versa which the IRI likes to propagate. If I had my choice I would be Zartoshti like my ancestors, but sadly they do not accept converts.

I strongly suggest you take an introspective look at yourself and the Islamic Republic, not to mention taking a wholehearted look at a few books of history on my Iran, before you embarrass yourself with another baseless and immoral commentary centred around your oghdeh's. 

Babak Kalhor

BTW, I do not have any 'false' email addresses, so you may contact me directly at your leisure.


* I preferr US influence

Very interesting letter you wrote on! [Watch out for Iranicons] Indeed, you remind me of the leftists in the 80`s in West-Germany, who said: Down with Capitalism!! But who refused to go to live in EAST-GERMANY, a pure Communist Country!

How can you live in the US, breathing a more (not a total!) liberal breeze of air, getting better paid than Iranians in Iran, and more important: being allowed writing these things you wrote on, putting your signature under without going to jail!

If the way of life Iranicons want to achieve is so bad, WHY DONT YOU GO BACK TO IRAN? If the LA based T.V. stations succeed in bringing a part of the people in Iran going to streets, why dont you ask yourself, why this can happen?

Hello? Maybe the living conditions for the youth is not that good as it could be? We are a country with great potentials, we have "brains" over there and vast natural oil and gas resources, we could have been the Japan of the Near East for more than 15 years, but what and where are we today? >>> Full text



* Ass-wipe commies

Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul and faith
And I was 'round when Jesus Christ
Had his moment of doubt and pain
Made damn sure that pilate
Washed his hands and sealed his fate
Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name

1) Name: Mak *@#$%#^& (AKA General Xerxes)
2) Age: 44
3) Education: B.S.E.E, M.S.E.E, D.Sc.E.E
4) Work History: MITRE Corporation, GTE Laboratories, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Onex Communications, Boeing Company
5) Hometown: Boston
6) Place of birth: Karadj
7) Political inclination: Anti islamist, anti communist, anti bacheh akhoonds, anti bacheh kommonist
8) Size of balls: As big as Roozbeh's head and his comrades'. Combined!

As my beloved president Reagan used to say, here we go again, God rest his soul! Another "rebel without a cause then, old fart without a cause now" is teaching us about democracy and how bad things were in Iran prior to the biggest mass-suicide of the history of mankind (e.g., the revolution.)

I am going to let my dear colleagues (e.g., Mr. Parviz Parkhash and Ambassador Hakimi) to offer their proper response to this goon (Roozbeh) since debate is not one of my strongest suits [Watch out for Iranicons]. However, I am going to provide some facts about the contributions made by the Pahlavi regime and some of the accomplishments of that era >>> Full text

Genaral Xerxes


* Simply "maskhareh"

I just finished reading Lance Raheem's article that was recently posted and I can't help but share his emotions.

I am the son of two Armenian parents. My father grew up in a lower middle class family from Tabriz and was constantly moving from city to city as his father worked for Gomrok. My mom was born into a well to do upper class Tehran family.

Both my parents consider themselves Iranian-Armenians. They're both present at all and any Iranian events from booksignings to concerts to demonstrations and protests; it is because of them that I feel Iranian. I grew up listening to Haydeh, Mahasti, Shajarian, Eftekhari and the like. However, at the same time I was exposed to various Armenain activites. I went to Armenian school, was an active Scout Member in Ararat, and went to Armenian historical lectures, only to return home and have Qormeh Sabzi for dinner.

Over the years I've found that I've had a very hard time answering the simple question, of my ethnicity. Having never had a one-word answer to this question, I'd always explain my dilemma to whoever asked, and of course by the time i was done, no one cared any longer. Im not completely Armenian, Im not Iranian although the last four generations of my family lived there, I was born in Germany, but I've lived in California nearly all my life.

My point: The debate over Iranian vs. Persian, Amerasian vs. Ameriranian is simply a "maskhareh." These names are all stereotyped lables we cling desperately onto with hopes of categorizing society, in a last ditch effort to understand everyone.

Its ridiculous to think that one group could possibly accept another. What criteria should a candidate meet? Linguial capabilities? Historical knowldege? Its absolutely absurd, to think that meager creatures like us humans can even set within ourselves a hierarchy, let alone within our own cultures, where we should be closest.

Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear any feedback.

Oshin Khachikian


* Busy with small stuff

Dear Dr. Fassihi, [Let's dream]

Yes, I also want Abu Ghraib and Evin to be turned into museums. The public needs to be reminded that their best were destroyed there and are being destroyed in Evin while we were and are busy with small stuff.

Mohamad Navab
Los Angeles


* Spend on Bam viuctims, not TV

Don't you think the $400,000 which Khatami is giving to Afkhami to set up a TV satellite channel in the West could be well spent if it is used for building homes for the Bam earthquake victims who are left on their own by the president and his cabinet to pick up the pieces as well as they can on their own?

I think we ought to have a POLL on this matter.

Afkhami cannot be a lover of Iran if he thinks he is entitled to $400,000 of Iranian people's money to invest it outside Iran for the benefit of Iranians abroad, instead of doing some thing good and valuable for the artists inside Iran and their Iranian audiences inside Iran.

Susan Moin


* Torture & films

Dear Fariba, [They wrote the book]

I hesitated to comment on your latest article, well argumented but totally biaised. First I would like to say that the same Costa Gavras directed "Z" about the Greek Colonels coup in Greece and the excellent "L'Aveu" aka "The Confession" based on the true story of Czechoslovakian communist Artur London tortured by the communist henchmen. Ironically both films were screened in movie theaters in Iran after the revolution but that did not stop the IRI to create the SAVAMA.

As for French movie actor and human Rights activist Yves Montand portrayed in both movies to condemn firmly such methods be it in extreme right or extreme left regimes. No one can justify torture be it that of the SAVAK the CIA or the KGB. But you seem to boil down everything to the Pahlavis and their so called dreadful Secret Police. It's like another fellow commentator who went to claim that world terrorism  was the invention of the SAVAK after they highjacked the Iran Air flight to Bagdad back in the 70's which cost no lives and was a pretext to eliminate General Teymour Bakhtiar a power hungry general who wanted to topple the Shah. Well what about Carlos, the Red Brigade or the PLO when the latter gunned innocent Israeli sportsmen during the Munich Olympic games ?

What is taking place in Irak is not clean, it is humiliating for the Iraki people and for any decent GI serving under the American Flag. Such actions should be condemned and those responsible brought to justice. I nevertheless have always believed that the War with Irak was inevitable (be it for the good or bad reasons such as the existance or not of weapons of mass destruction) in that it should have taken place immediately after the campaign launched in Afghanistan, and that the stupid administration should have not waited a whole year to launch the attack when the world opinion was against it.

George Bush is at worst a lousy warlord but America is not responsible for the post 9/11 mess. There is no way to counter terrorism than to stand firm and united in the face of the likes of Osama Ben Laden. Just for the record, do your homework when it comes to referring to movies ;)



* Khod-motchakeri

Lady, [Make it your bible, bubba]

I have been trying very hard to ignore your most annoying views and comments on this web-site. As much as I appreciate Mr. Javid's effort to provide a forum for Iranians to express their views, I have to say that your pieces, especially the one about "how to woo Iranian women" just did it for me.

Normally I wouldnít even consider you worth my precious time, but as I keep noticing an incessant pattern of behavior that is all about self-appraisal and "khod-motchakeri" from an obvious loser than I have to say something because obviously nobody else is going to. Even though I could write pages in response to each of your pieces (at least the ones I have wasted my time on), I am going to limit myself to three points:

1. I donít know where you have been living for the past few decades, but you better get out of your cave and face the light of day. I have news for you: your list of doís and doníts have been passÈ for at least 3 decades. Maybe you should go back and live in a village somewhere on the middle east. You would have better luck to find a guy who would be willing to make such clowns of themselves.

2. Respect is not handed out. It has to be deserved, and let me assure you from what I have been hearing from you, you are far from deserving it. You donít have to be perfect to deserve it. Just try to be a more pleasant person in life and use you head before you say something. Try to imagine what image of yourself you are conveying.

3. The harder you try to convey a feeling of self-confidence and independence, the more obvious it becomes how desperate you are.

You cannot fake self-confidence! So stop talking about how great you are, how sexy you look and how thankful people are to you for what ever you do for them. You are only fooling yourself, my dear.

So I truly hope that in the future you will spare us your views. Just stick to the music, please. Thatís seems to be the one thing you do well.
I think I have already spent way more time on this than I planned to. I wish you luck and inner piece so that you can pursue a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Another Iranian woman,

PS: Stop talking about your "highly accomplished son". He might be interesting to you, but you bore the hell out of us! (sooskeh az livan miraft bala, modaresh goft: ghorboon-e dast-o paye bolourit beram.)


* Faraamoush nashodani

Khanoum Azam Neamati,

kari keh shouma dar haghe mousighi iran kardeheid faramoush shodani nist va ghabel taghdir va setayesh ast.baraye shouma arezouye salamati va movafaghiyat mikonam va dastetan ra az rahe dour bekhatere in kar shayesteh mifesharam.

Mohammad Habashi


* Suggested poll

Question: Why does the media refer to American and Israeli torture as "Harsh Intoragation Techniques" and Iranian harsh intoragation techniques as "Torture"?

A) They are all as stupid as Mr. Bush.

B) They like war criminals like Mr. Sharon.

C) They never visited Khayyam prison.

D) They think Abou Ghraib is not run by Mosad.

Yahya N


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